The Importance of Medi-Cal Redetermination: Ensuring Continued Medical Health Coverage

Maintaining access to quality healthcare is crucial for individuals and families, particularly those who
rely on programs like Medi-Cal for coverage. In order to ensure that this coverage remains intact, it is
imperative to complete the Medi-Cal redetermination process. SERRA, a dedicated community
organization, is committed to helping individuals navigate this process and provide assistance with other
benefits they may be eligible for. With an imminent deadline of July 1st, it is essential to take action,
especially considering the suspension of redetermination for the past three years due to the impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Importance of Medi-Cal Redetermination

Medi-Cal is a vital healthcare program that provides affordable or no-cost health coverage to low-
income individuals and families in California. However, to maintain this coverage, recipients must
complete the redetermination process, which ensures continued eligibility for the program.
Redetermination involves updating personal information, income verification, and confirming any
changes in circumstances that may affect eligibility. Failing to complete this process could result in the
loss of coverage for both individuals and their families.

SERRA’s Commitment to Assisting the Community

SERRA, a trusted community organization, understands the challenges individuals face when navigating
the complex Medi-Cal redetermination process. With a strong commitment to helping the community,
they provide valuable support in completing redetermination forms and offer guidance in accessing
other benefits that individuals may qualify for. The SERRA Enrollment Center is available to provide
assistance and answer any questions at 818-504-4649. Their dedication to helping individuals through
this process ensures that healthcare coverage remains uninterrupted.

Imminent Deadline: July 1st

It is crucial to note that an imminent deadline of July 1st is approaching for Medi-Cal redetermination.
Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, redetermination was suspended for
the past three years. As a result, it is essential for individuals and families to act promptly and complete
their redetermination packets to maintain their coverage. The yellow packet signifies the importance of
the information enclosed and should not be overlooked.

SERRA Medical Group: Assisting with Renewals and Applications

In addition to Medi-Cal redetermination, SERRA Medical Group offers comprehensive assistance with
medical applications, including enrollment in Medi-Cal, as well as support for CalFresh and other eligible
benefits. They understand the complexity of the process and are dedicated to ensuring that individuals
receive the coverage they deserve. By collaborating with SERRA, individuals can access valuable
resources and guidance throughout the renewal process, alleviating any potential stress or confusion.

With millions of individuals at risk of losing their Medi-Cal coverage, completing the redetermination
process is crucial. SERRA’s commitment to assisting the community ensures that individuals and families
receive the support they need during this important time. By completing the Medi-Cal redetermination
packet before the imminent July 1st deadline, individuals can secure their healthcare coverage and
maintain access to vital medical services. Remember, SERRA is here to help. Reach out to their
Enrollment Center at 818-504-4649 for any assistance needed in navigating the redetermination process
or accessing other benefits you may be eligible for.

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